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Easter Decor Gift From The Past

“Flower Powered Easter Eggs From 1960’s”

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Special Easter Finds For You…..From Cleo and Clara’s Vintage Antique Shop

“Dainty Blue Enamel Cross with Silver Box Chain”

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Easter Morning at Our House

"Easter Morning"Every Easter morning at our house consists of  the same exact sequence of events NO MATTER WHAT. It has been our family’s tradition for the past 30 years. Mom (me) comes out the the living room and looks out the back window into the backyard. She sees a HUGE White Rabbit just as it hops real high and escapes over the side fence.  I run to wake up the children to tell them about this. They both run (as small children), walk (as teens), and are dragged out by mom and dad these days (in their 20’s). They look out the window and they are not surprised to see that the Easter Bunny has eluded them once again. I mention that he has several neighborhood houses to drop off Easter baskets to. They understand, as they are focused on the ones he left for them.

They listen patiently to my account of the Easter Bunny every year (bless their hearts) because they know I want them to. I next point out all the hidden plastic eggs scattered throughout the living room. We collect them with smiles and laughter. What a sweet and wonderful bunny he is to leave all this for us. Bless his heart too. When he gets too old to hop the fence, he’ll use the gate or bring bunny helpers to help him. He’s got Easter morning covered for sure, I assure my kids. Tell me your Easter morning traditions! Please?


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